Hello, we are BIG PICTURE.
We frame out digital strategies
we create and implement platforms
bring them to market and scale them.

Hello, we are BIG PICTURE.
We frame out digital strategies
we create and implement platforms
bring them to market and scale them.

Ist Künstliche Intelligenz die Zukunft des Theaters?

Wer hätte gedacht, dass wir mal auf der Bühne stehen würden? Na ja, fast. – Auf der Bühne stehen nicht wir selbst, sondern "Oracle", unser Conversational Agent. Wir haben ihn in Zusammenarbeit mit den Münchner Kammerspielen für das gleichnamige Stück entwickelt.

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The Future of Banking

The 450 most important Fintechs and the 10 most important hubs worldwide on our interactive map.

Why we do what we do? We want to make things happen, that were unthinkable yesterday.

We’re happy to have the best job in the world: We help to bring new ideas to life. For better communication. For creative ways of interaction. When breaking down traditional processes. In order to establish innovative business fields. In short: We help you discover unknown treasures.

What do we do?

We help you to build platforms, that run under high load.

The systems we develop for our customers can do more: whether you’re serving millions of buyers, trading commodities in megatons, or controlling thousands of trucks on the road. We optimize your software that it runs faster, becomes easier to use. We host your software in the cloud. And, of course we roll out your platform in every market in the world.

  • 45 million visits

    monthly on platforms we have developed

  • 125 countries

    in which our solutions are rolled out

  • 900 trillion

    configuration options of a vehicle

We help you to make complex products easily accessible.

Our platforms don’t sell socks. Our customers provide financial and logistic services, produce chemicals, cars and other complex commodities. We simplify complex processes for their users. We test digital user journeys and optimize them. The result? Good websites become great platforms.

  • Up to 200%

    conversion rate increase

  • > 50

    average Net Promoter Score

  • 2 days

    to identify the 5 biggest usability-problems of a site

We help you to quickly test new ideas on the market.

A lot of ideas lurk in every company. Somewhere stored in folders, drawers or in the heads of employees. We help you to bring these ideas quickly to the market. We form an integrated team together with you, define user journeys and develop the software. Because we do this all the time and we have a lot of practice, it can be done very quickly: within 4-6 months.

  • 4 - 6 MONTHS

    for the completion of a MVP for a complex business model

  • EUR 200 - 500 K

    Costs for the MVP of a complex business model

  • EUR 20 - 90 K

    Costs for a simple site to test a business model

We help you to set up a startup for a new business model.

We are real serial entrepreneurs. We support founders to set up their own business, develop a platform and scale. We also help large companies to spin off new business models. Beyond the limitations of your core business. What do we want for this in return? Simply equity or cash.

  • 30 DAYS

    for a Go / No-Go decision on an investment from us

  • 5 - 30 %

    participation sizes in start-ups

  • 50 - 500 K

    Our typical initial investment

We help you to make the latest technologies work for you.

How do you develop a Conversational Agent that users really like to talk to? Or a price algorithm? How do you track moving assets in real time? Or integrate machine learning into a platform? No matter what the challenge - our international in-house team, together with our network of experts, will help you with the right solutions.

  • 20,000 routes

    are searched in less than 10ms.

  • 2 minutes

    Deployment of a complex AWS infrastructure

Companies for which we have developed solutions

How do we get together?


Talk to us for two hours about your project

Tell us what this is about.

We describe the possibilities, how we would realize it and the effort behind it.

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Book two of our consultants for a two-day workshop

You bring 2-5 ideas with you, we develop with you:

  • Value Proposition
  • MVP Sketch
  • Implementation and effort planning
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