Logistics Startup List. Logtechs in Equipment

The directory of the biggest Logtech startups in Equipment

Equipment Logtechs connect physical devices that monitor and transfer data via the internet and without human intervention. Internet of Things in logistics enhances visibility in every step of the supply chain and improves the efficiency of inventory management. Integrating IoT technology into the logistics and supply chain industries improves and enables efficiency, transparency, real-time visibility of goods, condition monitoring, and fleet management.


Moving The World Intelligently

Equipment Geek+ | Beijing

Keep Truckin

KeepTrucking combines GPS tracking system with an Effective Logging Device ELD.

Equipment Keep Truckin | San Francisco


Disrupting and redefining fulfillment

Equipment GreyOrange | Singapore

Exotec Solutions

Exotec Solutions offers an innovative order preparation system, based on a fleet of collaborative mobile robots.

Equipment Exotec Solutions | Lille


Advanced Robotics

Equipment Magazino | M√ľnchen

Simbe Robotics

Simbe developed Tally, a fully autonomous shelf auditing and analytic solution for retail execution.

Equipment Simbe Robotics | San Francisco


Traxens collects and analyses information via a device attached to traditional containers.

Equipment Traxens | Marseille

Glue Home

Glue specialised in automated door opening enabled by smartphone - cooperating with food stores and delivery services for their customers.

Equipment Glue Home | Stockholm


Effidence Intelligent automation system for your vehicle.

Equipment Effidence | Romagnat

Stanley Robotics

Stanley Robotics offers autonomous valet parking devices for passenger cars.

Equipment Stanley Robotics | Paris


Online shopped goods can be send to a SwapBox, enabling pick-up any time.

Equipment SwapBox | San Francisco

Holland Container Innovations

Holland Container Innovations finds a solution to reduce costs of empty container repositioning.

Equipment Holland Container Innovations | Delft


Evertracker is the first Neutral and Smart Control Tower for Global Supply Chains.

Equipment Evertracker | Hamburg


KeyCafe enables users to store keys at trusted partners to manage access to homes and rental properties.

Equipment KeyCafe | Vancouver


Hoard owns decentralized security lockers available to book online.

Equipment Hoard | Berlin


Picking the unknown

Equipment Fizyr | Delft

Cargo Beacon

CargoBeacon offers devices to check and control your cargo.

Equipment Cargo Beacon | Alfta


The first 3D measurement of loading goods on a moving forklift.

Equipment Cargometer | Vienna

Amazon Robotics

Kiva Systems engineers order fulfillment robots for inventory distribution centers.

Equipment Amazon Robotics | North Reading


Picavi is specialised in pick-by-vision solutions, enabling picking processes with smart glasses.

Equipment Picavi | Herzogenrath


Fleet Management via live information from telematic device.

Equipment Geotab | Oakville


Staxxon offers flexible & foldable containers.

Equipment Staxxon | Montclair


The Shelfie Robot takes over Retail Shelf Analytics by using computer vision.

Equipment Shelfie | Manly