List of Fintechs in Singapore

The directory of the biggest fintech startups in Singapore

Singapore is positioning itself as a major player in the Fintech industry and is establishing itself as one of the most important global centers for Fintech, with faste industry growth in Asia. The government and the financial supervisory authority in particular actively support innovation in Singapore. Thus, it has become a testing ground for new financial technologies.


2C2P is an e-commerce payment provider offering innovative payment processing solutions for businesses in Asia-Pacific.

Infrastructure 2C2P | Singapore


Metaps uses big-data and computer learning to automate and improve financial services.

Others Metaps | Singapore


CashShield is a fraud management solution that protects you from payments fraud, helping you attain optimal growth objectives instantly.

Others CashShield | Singapore


A personal financial data aggregation platform for high net-worth individuals.

Financial Management Canopy | Singapore


Accept payments from cardless customers across Southeast Asia with just one connection.

Infrastructure Codapay | Singapore


Numoni was formed to bring financial inclusion to the underbanked with its Cash-In Cash-Out solution.

Infrastructure Numoni | Singapore


Bluzelle is providing exponential technology solutions for the finance industry.

Infrastructure Bluzelle | Singapore


FundedHere connects investors with start ups in Asia.

Lending FundedHere | Singapore


FastCash is a cross-platform mobile and PC application for accounting, invoicing, and payroll and payment management.

Lending Fastmoney | Singapore


M-DAQ provides a sustainable ecosystem for securities and stock exchanges to enable multi-currency trading on a cross-border basis.

Investment M-DAQ | Singapore

Smart Karma

Smartkarma, the premier collaborative marketplace for Asian investment research and analysis.

Financial Management Smart Karma | Singapore

Toast Me

Send Money or Pay Bills in the Philippines.

Infrastructure Toast Me | Singapore


TradeHero, a free stock market simulation app, draws data from stock exchanges to create a global social investment network and earn extra cash.

Financial Management TradeHero | Singapore