List of Fintechs in Retail Banking

The directory of the biggest Fintech startups in Retail Banking

Retail Banking Fintech are often an online service for customers to do their banking services such as paying bills, transfer funds and access to checking and savings accounts. They often also serve as digital sales support for banking operations and customer service.


Revolut offers a fair and frictionless platform to use and manage money around the world.

Retail Banking Revolut | London


N26—your Mobile Bank

Retail Banking N26 | Berlin


Nubank is a technology-driven financial services startup.

Retail Banking Nubank | Sao Paulo


Banking made easy

Retail Banking Monzo | London

Starling Bank

Britain’s Best Bank. On your phone.

Retail Banking Starling Bank | London


GoCardless makes it easy to collect both recurring and one-off payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts.

Retail Banking GoCardless | London

Atom Bank

Atom Bank is a mobile banking application that offers a range of personal and business banking products.

Retail Banking Atom Bank | Durham


Next Generation Banking Solutions

Retail Banking ClearBank | London


bunq is the Bank of The Free. A totally independent bank that makes life easy.

Retail Banking bunq | Amsterdam


The Safer and Cheaper Instant Transfer

Retail Banking Fintecture | Roubaix


The Future of payment is in the Cloud

Retail Banking Form3 | London


Design your own bank account by choosing the products and services that your business needs.

Retail Banking Penta | Berlin


Detangle your complex network of financial processes with our extensible and scalable, cloud-ready platform.

Retail Banking Indy | Lyon


Pockit is an online bank.

Retail Banking Pockit | London


The only automated, hassle-free and always optimized HSA

Retail Banking Zenda | Saratoga


Flux Offers: cashback made simple.

Retail Banking Flux | London

Jaja Finance

Manage your account anytime, in the app, or online

Retail Banking Jaja Finance | London


Kontist provides the banking services freelancers deserve, making finances easy.

Retail Banking Kontist | Berlin


Holvi combines modern technology and user experience into banking.

Retail Banking Holvi | Helsinki


uBank develops mobile payment solutions to ensure secured customer transactions.

Retail Banking uBank | Moscow


No more old-fashioned banking

Retail Banking Genome | Vilnius

Fidor Bank

Fidor Bank wants to re-establish lost confidence in banking with new and customer-focused services.

Retail Banking Fidor Bank | Munich