List of Fintechs in Others


Kreditech is an online consumer finance company which provides easy, fast loan access to customers worldwide through its web and mobile services.

Others Kreditech | Hamburg


Bread lets you pay over time for the things you need.

Others Bread | New York City


Curve offers an application and a card that links all of its users' bank cards so that they can be managed with one PIN.

Others Curve | London


Dataminr transforms real-time data from Twitter and other public sources into actionable alerts, identifying the most relevant information in real-time.

Others Dataminr | New York City


Metaps uses big-data and computer learning to automate and improve financial services.

Others Metaps | Singapore


Quantopian inspires talented people to write investment algos. Select authors may license their algos to us and get paid for performance.

Others Quantopian | Boston


CashShield is a fraud management solution that protects you from payments fraud, helping you attain optimal growth objectives instantly.

Others CashShield | Singapore

Narrative Science

Narrative Science is a data analytic tool, that translates date into narratives.

Others Narrative Science | Chicago

Credit Benchmark

Credit Benchmark aims to improve financial market benchmarks by aggregating anonymized credit risk data from multiple banks.

Others Credit Benchmark | London


DataFox helps sales and marketing teams prospect smarter by providing information through algorithm searches.

Others DataFox | San Francisco


A simple mobile payment solution for machines.

Others PayRange | Portland


Improved financial inclusion for at least 1 billion people around the world using CreditScoring and Social Verification based on non-traditional data.

Others Lenddo | Hong Kong


Fast and Easy renting, secured with Flatfair

Others FlatFair | London


OptioPay offers a variety of methods to receive payments, to increase value of payments.

Others OptioPay | Berlin

PAIR Finance

Using big data and machine learning, PAIR is building an automated and data-based solution for claims management.

Others PAIR Finance | Berlin


Giftly is a mobile app enabling its users to send their friends digital gift cards from any establishment.

Others Giftly | San Francisco

Big Data Scoring

Credit scoring based on big data.

Others Big Data Scoring | London


Gini provides a SaaS solution for extracting content from documents.

Others Gini | Munich


We enable the financial services world, to deliver the future of banking

Others Finastra | London


All accounts in one app

Others Finmatex | Alexandria


Europe's leading receivables management platform

Others eCollect | Baar

Money & Co.

Money&Co. allows individuals looking for a better return on their cash

Others Money & Co. | London


Your data can be sure in SecureSafe

Others SecureSafe | Zurich

Pollen VC

Credit lines for app and game publishers to fund user acquisition

Others Pollen VC | London


Digital benefits for Employees.

Others Spendit | Munich

Spare NYC

Spare is a mobile app that allows New Yorkers to round up their bills to the nearest dollar to fight hunger in their city.

Others Spare NYC | New York City


Stockpulse provides independent social media and news analytics for financial markets.

Others Stockpulse | Bonn


Symetrics model adverse effects on asset portfolios from potential geopolitical, economic or monetary shocks.

Others Symetrics | Apeldoorn


SynerScope offers high speed, complex data analytics for a variety of businesses.

Others SynerScope | Helvoirt


Personetics helps digital users navigate leading financial institutions by receiving personalized, real-time, relevant guidance at each step of their banking.

Others Personetics | Tel Aviv