List of Fintechs in New York City

The directory of the biggest fintech startups in New York City

New York City has unique advantages in Fintech and is already the fastest growing Fintech cluster in the U.S., with a rapidly growing ecosystem of startups, capital, talent, educational resources and Fintech accelerators. New York is known as a thriving Fintech hub that includes digital wealth, crypto, lending, and B2B Fintech, among others.

Oscar Health

Health plans don't have to be complicated. Simple health insurance, smart health care.

InsurTech Oscar Health | New York City


Refinancing student loans or borrowing for the MBA

Lending CommonBond | New York City


OnDeck provides online lending to small business.

Lending OnDeck | New York City


BlueVine allows small businesses to get paid immediately on their outstanding invoices.

Lending BlueVine | New York City


Betterment is the smarter automated investing service, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth through leading technology.

Financial Management Betterment | New York City


Lemonade offers homeowners and renters insurance powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics.

InsurTech Lemonade | New York City

Bond Street

Bond Street is a startup focused on transforming small business lending through technology, data and design.

Lending Bond Street | New York City

TruMid Financial

Trumid is an all-to-all electronic credit trading platform. It is designed to unlock liquidity and make bond and CDS trading easier.

Investment TruMid Financial | New York City


Payoneer enables businesses and professionals to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments.

Payment Payoneer | New York City


Payfone provides a suite of network authentication services facilitating unparalleled mobile security.

Infrastructure Payfone | New York City


Bread lets you pay over time for the things you need.

Others Bread | New York City


R3 is a financial innovation firm that leads a consortium partnership with over 50 of the world's leading financial institutions.

Infrastructure R3 CEV | New York City


IEX is a fair, simple, transparent stock exchange dedicated to investor protection.

Investment IEX | New York City


OpenFin is the leading provider of HTML5 runtime technology for the financial industry.

Infrastructure OpenFin | New York City


Dataminr transforms real-time data from Twitter and other public sources into actionable alerts, identifying the most relevant information in real-time.

Others Dataminr | New York City

Orchard Platform

Orchard Platform is a technology and infrastructure provider for marketplace lending.

Lending Orchard Platform | New York City


TradeBlock is a provider of institutional trading tools for digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency TradeBlock | New York City


By building the most trusted marketplace in the industry, we make lenders compete for business instead of the other way around.

Lending Fundera | New York City


Moven's app, debit card, and contactless payment sticker provide real time spending insights that motivate customers to make smarter decisions and save more.

Financial Management Moven | New York City


Qapital is the everyday banking app that helps you save for the things you want.

Financial Management Qapital | New York City


TrueAccord turned debt collections into a recovery and reconciliation process.

Infrastructure TrueAccord | New York City


Real-time network to identify, connect to and close M&A and growth financing deals.

Investment Axial | New York City


Quovo is an online end-to-end financial technology platform for advisors and professionals with cutting edge data management and insights tools.

Investment Quovo | New York City


EquityZen is a marketplace for investing in private tech companies backed by top-tier venture capital firms.

Investment EquityZen | New York City

Prosper Daily (BillGuard)

Money and identity theft protection built for mobiles and priced for everyone.

Infrastructure Prosper Daily (BillGuard) | New York City


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

Investment Kickstarter | New York City


Thinknum is the web platform that investors use to make more informed decisions.

Investment Thinknum | New York City


Onevest is a startup investing platform connecting early stage tech companies with accredited investors.

Lending Onevest | New York City


Estimize is an online crowdsourcing platform that shares and reviews fundamental financial estimates from independent, buy-side, and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and students.

Financial Management Estimize | New York City


Zipmark is a mobile payments transaction platform enabling businesses to send and receive digital paychecks securely.

Payment Zipmark | New York City


Openfolio is a platform that leverages portfolio data from over 70,000 investors to help users invest better, together.

Investment Openfolio | New York City

Alpha Hat

Analyses quantitative investment data instantly.

Investment Alpha Hat | New York City


Analytics for Financial Services.

Financial Management Datavore | New York City


Debitize manages peoples credit card payments.

Financial Management Debitize | New York City


Earthport provides clients with access to a global Payment Network, maintaining local banking partnerships, through which client business is settled directly via local clearing to banked beneficiaries in over 60 countries.

Payment Earthport | New York City


MarketAxess provides investors with a single trading platform with easy access to multi-dealer competitive pricing in a wide range of credit products.

Investment MarketAxess | New York City


PayPerks is a web-based financial services company for consumers with low and middle levels of income.

Infrastructure PayPerks | New York City

Spare NYC

Spare is a mobile app that allows New Yorkers to round up their bills to the nearest dollar to fight hunger in their city.

Others Spare NYC | New York City


Splittabill is a mobile application that facilitates bill splitting between users.

Payment Splitabill | New York City

Trusted Insight

Trusted Insight is the leading Institutional Syndication Platform for Alternative Assets.

Financial Management Trusted Insight | New York City


Venmo is an online payment platform.

Payment Venmo | New York City


SeedInvest is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors with startups.

Investment SeedInvest | New York City