OneTwoChem - The platform for the chemical industry

It's a match: Connect supply and demand within seconds. Anytime. On all devices.

OneTwoChem - The platform for the chemical industry

It's a match: Connect supply and demand within seconds. Anytime. On all devices.


An eCommerce platform for companies in the chemical industry that digitally brings together suppliers and buyers. For initiating short-term business, so-called spot transactions.


As easy as online shopping. Marketplaces for industrial products have a harder time than online marketplaces for private consumers because the products and the transactions between companies are more complex. Demand side wants to purchase in large quantities and wants to have a better overview of available products to satisfy their short-term needs. Supply side is interested in simplifying laborious and inefficient spot sales processes.


It's all about individuality. Each user decides for themselves with whom they would like to make specific contact. For buyers, the platform intuitively presents offers for the same products from different suppliers - making comparison easier. For suppliers, OneTwoChem is a new sales channel that helps boosting spot transactions. A platform with global reach with a rollout in multiple regions of the world. EU, LATAM, and Middle East.

From OneTwoChem, we have learned a lot about digital customer experience, which is the quality of online interactions a customer has with our brand.

Henrik Hahn - Chief Digital Officer of Evonik



Together we design a clear value proposition for users with accelerated design sprints, lean canvas, value proposition design, roadmap draft and more.

UX & UI Design

The user is always at the center when we design digital products. The user interfaces are not only modern and visually appealing, but also easy to use. With the help of user journeys, personas and much more, we create initial visual prototypes.

Usability Testing

We conduct interviews and survey real people before a product goes to market. With the help of market validations, think-out-loud or A/B testing, we create products that are tailored to the needs of their users.

Frontend & Backend Development

Our team of developers plans and implements digital innovation. From the first draft of the technical architecture to implementation and go-live: we take care of everything.


We develop and operate cloud-based infrastructures in Germany. High performance and security are our top priorities.

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