Logistics Startup List. Logtechs in China

The directory of the biggest Logtech startups in China

Logistics is an essential component of a successful deal anywhere in the world, but especially in China. China’s dominance is driven by a tendency to innovate fast and a willingness to try out novel business models, accelerated by stronger overall economic growth. The success of China’s logistics startups: the combination of tech and logistics expertise.

Cainiao Logistics

Cainiao Logistics is the logistics affiliate to the Alibaba Group, planning to grow an international logistics company.

Carrier Cainiao Logistics | Hangzhou

Best Logistics Technology

empower business and enrich life

Carrier Best Logistics Technology | Hangzhou


Moving The World Intelligently

Equipment Geek+ | Beijing


FlashEX provides intracity logistics services.

Carrier FlashEX | Shanghai


Huochebang offers trucking services via their platform, as well as additional services around trucking.

Platform Huochebang | Guizhou


Yunmanman is a Shanghai based logistic platform connecting road transport needs and the logistic industry in China.

Platform Yunmanman | Shanghai

Fuyou Kache

Make road freight transportation simpler and smarter

Platform Fuyou Kache | Beijing



Software Zongmu | Shanghai

Loji Logistics

Loji Logistics covers several services to increase efficiency within Logistic services for customers and carriers.

Platform Loji Logistics | Beijing


Beequick offers delivery of daily goods in a one-hour timeframe.

Carrier Beequick | Beijing


With their Ehang 184, they created an AAV, Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, used for communication and transport.

Carrier Ehang | Guangzhou

Jiuye Supply Chain

A Pioneering Fresh & Frozen Food Cold-Chain Logistics Solution Provider

Platform Jiuye Supply Chain | Shanghai

Renren Kuaisong

Renren Kuaidi enables everyone to become a courier for their platform, and matches it with customers demands.

Platform Renren Kuaisong | Beijing


123Feng is an Alibaba supported Chinese based delivery start-up, specialised with their own fleet on last mile delivery.

Carrier 123Feng | Hangzhou

New Dada

New Dada offers to connect delivery workers with short-distance and last-mile deliveries.

Software New Dada | Shanghai