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Global logistics categories
The size of the pins corresponds to the number of employees and the market value of the company.

Global logistics categories

In these four categories logistic startups are active

Global logistics categories - Carrier


Rethinking the delivery goods sector to be more efficient, more customer oriented. Or simply using the advantages of technology to revolutionize a plain package delivery. Let it be last-mile deliveries, on-demand services in less than an hour, or technology enhanced storage and moving of personal goods. The most important players in this category are Jakarta based Go-Jek, Movinga from Berlin, Lalamove out of Hong Kong and Zipline from San Francisco.

Global logistics categories - Equipment


Order fulfillment robotics, pick-by-vision glasses, foldable containers - to name a few. This category contains new and upcoming startups that simplify the needs towards logistic equipment to run processes more efficiently and effectively. Exemplary key players are Picavi from Herzogenrath, HCI from Delft, Munich based Magazino and Keep Truckin from San Francisco.

Global logistics categories - Platform


The category platform compiles startups offering the all-in-one logistic solution to its users. Based on customer centric and user-friendly platform solutions, balancing demand towards assorted offers or acquiring any logistic need requested is possible. Most important platform providers are - San Francisco based pioneer Flexport, DiDi Chuxing from Beijing, uship from Austin, and Berlin based startup Freighthub.

Global logistics categories - Software


When it comes to make software work and match towards individual logistic needs, the following startups need to be checked upon. TMS, SCM, Navigation - there are many new tools to explore and engage in. Key players are for example US based company Mobileye, Stratim from San Francisco, what3words from London or Blue-Grace Logistics out of Riverview.