List of Fintechs in Australia

Afterpay Limited

Easy-to-use payment process allows shoppers to buy their product today and pay it off in fortnightly instalments.

Payment Afterpay Limited | Melbourne


MoneyMe is a digital finance provider.

Lending MoneyMe | Sydney


Brighte provides no interest loans for people to purchase their products for their homes.

Lending Brighte | Sydney

Tyro Payments

Tyro offers cloud-based, totally integrated and mobile EFTPOS banking solutions to Australia's SMEs.

Infrastructure Tyro Payments | Sydney


Grow your business with a Prospa small business loan.

Lending Prospa | Sydney


SocietyOne is an Australian P2P lending platform connecting creditworthy borrowers with investors.

Lending SocietyOne | Sydney


Moula is an Australian company that provides working capital to small and medium businesses.

Lending Moula | Sydney


Australia’s most loved pocket money app and card

Financial Management Spriggy | Sydney


Uno allows consumers to access real-time home loan rates based on their personal situation.

Lending Uno | Sydney

Data Republic

Data Republic is a company that provides a multi-lateral data exchange platform.

Infrastructure Data Republic | Sydney


Avoka Transact is a digital business platform used to accelerate customer acquisition and increase business agility in financial services.

Infrastructure Avoka | Sydney


Stockspot is Australia's first online, automated investment adviser and fund manager (robo-advisor).

Financial Management Stockspot | Sydney


Invest in businesses you believe in.

Investment Equitise | Sydney