We help visionaries build tech heavy products that scale.

Here is your special task force to realize the unthinkable.

At the cutting edge of technology we leverage our collective wisdom.

Putting your customer at the heart of our design-driven development.

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What we achieved

Lebensmittel aus Polykultur | Hippybees

Deep business model innovation and digital platforms
to drive it - that is our contribution to sustainability of the future.



We bring vision to life
for voice solutions

The voice agent that talks to you. About you. About itself.
About the meaning of life and everything else.

Known from

Mercedes Benz Accessories Configurator

Corporate speedboats & global standards:
Platforms to set global standards and empower corporate speed boards, across the globe.

What we do

A special task force that helps you to create a snap-shot of the future. Straight out of Berlin. With a Silicon Valley attitude.

We are putting unconditionally the user into the center of our thinking with a dedicated and creative team of UX and UI Designers.

We help you make your idea tangible. We are an enthusiastic, engaged team with tech thinking deeply ingrained.

A culture of trying, experimenting, and finding the best solution – before going into big implementation. The only test is the market.

We love to build cloud based infrastructure. To run it. And to scale it.

A great idea is one that scales big. We help you to systematically grow your platform and get more traction.

BP Family & Friends

Did we mention that we really love innovation and tech?

We make tech more tangible and transparent as our passion is to enable and bring to scale the wonderful ideas out there

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